About me

Blindly in love I was when I stepped out into the street for the first time in Havana, I felt like stepping into a Fellini movie, an “Amarcord” or a “Roma”, but this was “Habana”, every day the same thing and still so different from day to day, the impressions never ended.

Love has a tendency to run out, but at the best, turn to love, that was happened to me; great love came and it is an emotion and feeling that remains. The true love for Havana.

When I in 1995 started my project “Havana behind the facades” it was the architecture with emphasis on the interiors that I put my emphasis on, I searched and thought to find the soul of the city there.

After several trips to Havana, I discovered that the human role became stronger and stronger in my pictures, and in the end it was the people “los habaneros” I photographed.

That is the way it must be; children, men and women are the true souls of a city.

This work resulted in two books “Havana, room and soul” and “Habaneros, meetings in Havana”, in which the latter is a tribute to the Habaneros, the inhabitants of Havana.

In the years since then I have regularly returned to Havana and spent time with new projects and exhibitions.

I have traveled all over Cuba, have visited many cities, visited the magnificent scenery and walking along the white coral beaches and black lava beaches, visited remote almost isolated rural villages, amazed and fascinated by this multifaceted island.

Despite this, always my desire to return to the city, Havana, has been with me.

It been said: if you once visit Havana you will always carry a piece of the city in your heart, no matter where you are.

Anders Rising